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Climate & Weather

Hot summers and mild winters are what you can generally expect as you travel along the Overlander’s Way. The average annual temperature for North West Queensland is 25.6 degrees. The table below provides average monthly temperatures and rainfall.

average temperatures
average rainfall
30.0 °C
332 mm
25.2 °C
108 mm
18.8 °C
24 mm
26.8 °C
71 mm

Visit Queensland Holidays for current forecast information.

When En Route

When travelling along the Overlander’s Way be sure to make use of the innovative mobile device friendly “On the Way” website. Designed to deliver travellers of the iconic Overlander’s Way easy access to important information on rest areas, travel distances, en route tourism hot spots and facilities to make your drive through the heart of Queensland’s Outback a safe and pleasant one.

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Outback travel safety

Queensland’s outback is vast. There are few towns and facilities, often with large distances between them. Ensure you plan your trip well, taking into account the great distances.

In the Outback use a four-wheel drive vehicle on unsealed roads in remote areas. Take extra care when driving these vehicles. For example, drive at reduced speeds on unsealed roads. Always carry a spare tyre, tools, water, fuel and tyres. Do not overload your vehicle and never carry spare fuel inside an enclosed vehicle. If you have trouble, don’t leave your vehicle because it will provide you with shade and protection from the heat, wait for help to come to you.

During daylight hours drive with your headlights on low beam, as outback conditions can make it difficult to see oncoming vehicles.

For more information and safe travel tips visitQueensland Holidays website.

Need help? Ask a local

You will find helpful Visitor Information Centre staff in each major town along the Overlander’s Way. But don’t wait until you’re on the road, contact them now and get the answers to your questions before you leave home!

Travelling to North Queensland

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Matilda Highway

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Pacific Coast

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Savannah Way

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Drive North Queensland

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